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La Contra

  • Posted on 22 septiembre 2019 at 9 h 53 min

Prière contre la censure dans l’art

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  • Posted on 16 julio 2019 at 16 h 00 min

nouvelle prière miraculeuse

de Corazón Desfasado

Apparition du 15 juillet à 18 h 45
au https://www.radioatelier.ca/emissions/no-51-15-juillet-2019/
Sfumato 5, des cris du coeur qui s’élancent vers Corazon Desfasado.
Puissent-elles nous aider à vivre davantage en la sainte et amoureuse présence de son cœur toujours enflammé!

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SFUMATO 4, la oración

  • Posted on 27 junio 2019 at 7 h 50 min

Aparición del 20 de junio 2019 en CDMX

La oración 

Santa estética existencial, concédeme la realización de una aparición original, libre de aranceles, de permisos, de poderes.



  • Posted on 18 junio 2019 at 16 h 13 min

¡La próxima aparición del Corazón Desfasado!
Prochaine apparition miraculeuse et message de rédemption de Corazón Desfasado
Next miraculous apparition and message of redemption from Corazón Desfasado
Jueves 20 de junio a las 17 h (México, DF)
en el MUAC, Museo universitario de arte contemporáneo.  Museo universitario de arte contemporáneo 
Pour ceux et celles qui ne sont pas en ville, il y aura une cyber apparition  avec miracle. Ici  >>


Learn more at


For people who are not in town
There will be a web appearance with miracles and everything here >>

Prepare your requests. Your desires will come true!
Send your requests below, in the comments section.
Envoyez vos demandes ci-dessous, dans la section commentaires.
Envíe sus solicitudes a continuación, en la sección de comentarios.

Infiltration and Sunlight

  • Posted on 12 diciembre 2016 at 14 h 20 min

Then it’s afternoon, sun drenched, walking along St. Laurent. I’ve just returned from two weeks in a small, rough German city, in comparison a reminder of how gentle and charming Montreal often seems just walking through the streets. I am looking for a performance, not sure I’m walking in the right direction, when I spot it across the street, impossible to miss. A white feathered head, brightly coloured pants, t-shirt with her (tattooed?) back printed on the back, ceramic breasts printed on the front (but I don’t see the front until later.) She is slowly pushing her ‘mobile lucky charms cart’ along the sidewalk, seemingly with some effort. (***** Helena Martin Franco*****) I am now reading about it on the internet: “Who is Corazón Desfasado? Montréal’s holy, holy hybrid, holy ambiguity, holy differences. / She, the misunderstood, the submissive, is a heart out of phase.
/ Also known as “The worst of all” or “The hypermediatic almost virgin”
/ She is the queen of the dollar store,
/ of confusing discourses,
/ of the celestial incoherence,
of astral’s misunderstandings.
/ Her shifted identity is miraculous.” On the cart are ceramic spoons, each with one word: ‘integración’, ‘tolerance’, ‘sincretismo’, ceramic breasts you can rub, that will give you help with “everything”, post cards with prayers for love, money, etc, including this Prayer for an authentic performance, votive candles, flattened ceramic hands that can also help one become more authentic. Do you need help with love? Money? (Don’t we all?) All items are for sale and if I wasn’t shy I might well have purchased many. I am agnostic but perhaps these are also agnostic prayers. I certainly wouldn’t say no to a good prayer when the situation demands it. And what situation doesn’t? Authenticity is a feeling.

Jacob Wren
octobre 2nd, 2013


Photos: Christian Bujold


Sobre Corazón Desfasado

  • Posted on 13 noviembre 2016 at 15 h 08 min

  “In her last appearance, in Introitus (2010), she interprets the hymn21 of the city, with the help of a phallic ocarina of imitation pre-Colombian style, which is used today as a tourist souvenir. Conscious of the tonal limitations of this instrument, Corazón Desfasado embarks on the reconstruction of the hymn from memory. The action of trying to reproduce it reinforces the search for cultural identity that at the same time, puts in evidence a search for sexual identity. The subversion of symbols is converted here into a decolonialising action, since it is confronted by history codified by the West,…

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Cibertransfiguración en dos partes

  • Posted on 21 mayo 2016 at 11 h 25 min

Partie 1

Partie 2

Generadora de oraciones personalizadas

  • Posted on 15 mayo 2016 at 12 h 16 min

Obtenga gratis nuevas oraciones adaptadas a sus necesidades.
Es fácil y rápido!




Cibertransfiguración de Corazón Desfasado

  • Posted on 14 abril 2016 at 10 h 16 min

La próxima aparición es milagrosa!

performancias “fuera de lugar”

20 y 21 de mayo

Santa instalación Híper Mesiánica a Corazón Desfasado

  • Posted on 9 abril 2016 at 14 h 26 min

Cali, Colombia, octubre 2015


Jaculatorias especiales para esta ocasión:

Corazón Desfasado
Tú que estás llena de dudas
Tú das la prueba por la participación en una feria
Tú que ignoras las retóricas políticas de curadores sometidos
Escucha mis jaculatorias

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